Keyboard backlight on VPCS11E7E with Ubuntu 10.10

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Useful especially to save your battery. First off download this program:

extract and compile it

make && sudo make install

This will install kbd_lit in /usr/local/sbin, which has two options:

  • -d Disable backlight
  • -e Enable backlight

this command must be run with root privileges (sudo).

Since it’s inconvenient to open a terminal every time, I associated this program to the magnify function keys (F9 and F10), which on my laptop look like this:

if you want this shortcut too, paste this into a terminal:

sudo -s
cd /etc/acpi
wget -c
tar -xzvf keyboard-backlight.tar.gz
rm keyboard-backlight.tar.gz
service acpid restart

This way Fn+F9 will shut the light off and Fn+F10 will turn it on again.



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